At Home Weight Loss Help

Weight Loss Help Is Easier Than You Think

Do you need some at home weight loss help? Does your life seem to get in the way of your weight loss goal? Too busy with the kids? Does work have you feeling overloaded? Take a number and have a seat.

I’ve had years of experience in maintaining my weight. It has been easy to keep my 6’2” frame around the 300 pound mark through the years. That’s the honest unhealthy truth.

Deciding to do something about it, that was much harder to do.
Would you:

– Like to lose some weight?
– Reduce your waistline?
– Feel better about yourself?
– Improve your health?
– Lower you odds of health complications down the road?

If you said no to all of those, then this site is probably not for you… but if you said yes to even one of these questions, then you’re in the right place.

My Weight Loss Story

By the end of 2009 I realized I had begun slipping even higher up the scale, hitting a high point of 330 pounds. I was no longer the big guy in his young twenties with the rest of his life to change things around. At the age of thirty, life begins to take on a new perspective. Health problems like heart disease and diabetes seem less like statistics and more like real possibilities. I needed some at home weight loss help.

Now, 6 months and 70 pounds later, I’m much lighter, in better shape and feeling great about being me, and my journey is far from over. The good news is that there is no hidden weight loss secrets to my success. There is no mystical formula or expensive diet plans needed. No pricey gyms. No temporary fad diets. No risky surgeries. No diet pills. I did it all from home. Weight loss help is here.

So what’s my weight loss secret?

Simple. A healthy moderated diet combined with exercise while focused on a realistic goal. There’s no gimmicks, tricks or fads here. Just plain common sense, good science and healthy eating habits. We could all use a helping hand in achieving the better life we keep promising ourselves. I’d love nothing more than to share my insights with you and your family so you can also have at home weight loss success.