A New Product That Makes You Eat Less May Turn The Fat Loss World Upside Down

New diet products seem to endlessly be invented. However, if you take a closer look at these so-called new inventions, you would quickly see that the ideas behind most of them are just recycled. And most are a waste of time and energy.

These sorts of things are very common nowadays, thanks to the Internet. The Internet allows clever marketers to sell any of their old products and make out-of-this-world claims about how healthy and natural those “new” products are.

Finding a real effective, natural and innovative diet product has therefore become such a rarity. But, a product made by a California Company seems to work out pretty well.
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Sensa, as this new product is called, is a new and effective food sprinkle that can stop a person from eating too much by convincing the brain that that you don’t need anymore food. It contains no stimulants and is odorless and tasteless. And since it has no direct interaction with the digestive system, it has no harmful side effects. This product has nothing to do with those horror stories usually associated with stimulant-based weight-loss systems or with the so-called “fat-blockers”.

The idea behind Sensa is quite simple. It is a known fact that people tend to over eat. But what is the reason behind this? The answer is pretty basic: our brains are programmed that way. Everything lies in our evolutionary history. Since time immemorial, there has been a scarcity of food, so in order for us to ensure our survival, we have to eat as much as we can, whenever the food is available. Nowaday, foods are abundant and high in calories—so the consequences of eating too much can be quite ugly.

Now enters Dr. Alan Hirsch, a scientist, who for most of his life, has specialized in studying and testing how our senses work, especially how the senses of taste and smell affect our brain’s functioning. He noticed that a considerable number of his patients whose senses of taste and smell are not functioning due to an accident or an illness gained weight rapidly. He observed that certain tastes and smells seemed to be responsible for controlling appetite. Following this system can help you lose 10 pounds in 1 week fast.

He studied hundreds of different compounds for years. He called product of his studies as “Tastants,” a set of tasteless and odorless food sprinkles that has a powerful effect on our body’s appetite-control center. Finally, in what is one of the most comprehensive studies of a non-prescription system for weight-loss, the Tastants were assessed for use as weight-loss agents. Dr. Hirsch had significant results. During the six-month study period, 1,436 men and women sprinkled the flavorless Tastant crystals on all of their food. They lost an average of 30.5 pounds which is almost 15% of their body weight.

Furthermore, the test subjects lost all those pounds without engaging in a diet or doing any exercise. Dr. Hirsch said, “With Sensa, you can eat all the foods that satisfy your senses and you don’t have to deal with any intense food cravings or feelings of starvation. Sensa merely helps you eat less of the foods you love and gain greater satisfaction from smaller portions.” By using Sensa with your regular diets and go through the total body detox program can help you burn fat and lose weight in no time.